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How to: Install VRSF intercooler on a 2g/vrsf review

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How to: Install VRSF intercooler on a 2g/vrsf review

Post by Onefast2gdsm on Mon Aug 06, 2012 7:59 pm

lets start with tools needed.

cut off wheel
10, 12, 14mm sockets on whatever drive you'd like.
ratchet on whatever drive you'd like.
straight edge
drill bits

Step 1. Remove your front bumper. Use a 10mm socket to remove the bolts. You may need pliers to remove the plastic retainer clips holding it to the crash beam.

Step 2. Remove your factory fog lights if applicable. You will no longer have room to bolt them on unless you get really creative.

Step 3. You now need to mark your rad support where you're going to make your cut. You did know you had to fabricate a little bit before you bought this kit, right? Here is a pic of the cut you need to make.

Step 4. On my car, when I mounted the intercooler to test fit, it was hitting the power steering cooler lines. This will cause severe damage to the intercooler. To remedy this, unbolt the cooler from the rad support. Cut the rad support in two places. Push the cooler back a bit, then weld the rad support back together, so the cooler is behind it instead of in front. Notch the rad support with a dremel so the cooler will be flush with the rad support, this makes for a cleaner install. take your drill and drill out the rad support to a bigger hole, then bolt it from behind the rad support. All done with this step. Take note, not every one might have to do this.

Step 5. I didnt like the spacers that came with the kit. They are only a half inch, and made of polyurethane. I made 1 inch spacers out of aluminum. Once again, disregard this step if you feel like it doesnt pertain to you.

Step 6. Mount the intercooler. You will bolt it into the stock foglight bolt location. Vrsf includes bolts with the kit to mount it, but I felt they were cheesy and not strong. I went to the hardware store and picked up some nice grade 8 bolts. Use the straight edge and make sure its level. If its not, unbolt and move it till its level, then drill a new hole if necessary. Chances are it will be level.

Step 7. Bumper modification. You need to cut the bumper so you have room to bolt it on. I had to remove A LOT because i used 1 inch spacers instead of half inch. Pretty much self explanatory, mount the bumper, see where you need to cut it, use the cut off wheel and cut. Cut once, mark twice. This might take awhile because you need to constantly mount the bumper to see if you made enough clearance.

Step 7b. If you keep the crash beam, you need to cut that as well. Be extremely careful doing this as its fiberglass. I decided not to keep the crash beam, its illegal and you will be in a lot of trouble if you rear end someone. I recommend against doing this.

Step 8. Connect all the piping. You might run into clearance issues at the throttle body, with one bolt. Just maneuver the wrench a lot until you get it snugged up, or you can get creative and modify a wrench like I did. Use silicone on the gasket.

Step 9. Put the bumper on. You're done!


The kit is amazing. For the price you cannot beat it. High quality, intercooler temps never over 74 degrees.

Bad part is the customer service SUCKS. I received my core damaged, and it took vrsf 3 months to ship me a new one. Also, I don't like the screw on blow off valve flange for the simple reason that you can easily strip it and rip the threads out and there isn't a die in existence that big that i know of.

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