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2g How to: Install innovate lc1 in front o2 location to use with DSMlink narrowband sim

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2g How to: Install innovate lc1 in front o2 location to use with DSMlink narrowband sim

Post by Onefast2gdsm on Fri Nov 16, 2012 8:47 pm

22mm wrench
phillips screwdriver
cutting pliers
wire strippers
solder gun
electrical tape
heat shrink
10mm socket

Ill start with running the wiring for the lc1 controller and hooking it up, since its the most confusing and longest part.

Step 1. Figure out how you want the wires to be run in the engine bay. i chose to have the lc1 controller sit by my power steering lines, low enough for the hood to clear. I then made the wires follow the power steering lines all the way up to the steering knuckle. I poked a hole through the steering column boot with a coat hanger, and wrapped the wires on it with electrical tape and pulled it through the firewall. Make sure your wires are clear of the steering column.

Step 2. Remove the driver side panel on the center console. Pop off the caps covering the screws, and take the screws out. It should come off with some force if you still have the factory clips on the inside.

Step 3. Route the wires inside the car so they are hidden, all the way to the ecu area.

Step 4. Disconnect your battery. Take the blue wire of your cigarette lighter and cut it, with enough length to strip both ends of what you just cut. Take the red wire of the lc1 and solder it to the cigarette lighter wire so its teed off. Cover with electrical tape.

Step 5. Depending on how you want to run it, Take your blue wire and connect it to a chassis ground.

Step 6. Disconnect your harness from the ecu and find pin 92. Cut it so there is enough wire to strip to solder your white wire to. The other end of the wire that you cut just tape off.

Step 7. Find pin 76 on your ECU harness and do the same as the last step, except your soldering your brown wire.

Step 8. If you are using the db gauge with your lc1 controller, find a place you want the gauge to be mounted, mount it up and do as follows:
White wire to lc1 yellow wire
Yellow wire can be left alone
Red wire to same source as your lc1s red wire.
Black wire can be run to the same ground as your lc1s blue or white wire.

Step 9. You need to connect the led and push button calibration. If you want your led to be placed somewhere, do so and make the wires long enough to reach where your lc1s wires are. I placed the led on the driver panel for the center console. I drilled a 5/8 hole where i wanted it. Now, grab the red wire of the led and one wire of the push button and solder it to the BLACK wire of the lc1. Take the black wire of the led and the other wire off your push button and find a ground source. I chose a bolt on the dash.

Step 10. You are all done with wiring now, so now its time to remove your front o2 sensor. There is a couple ways to do this: either remove the o2 housing and put it in a vise to remove the factory o2 sensor OR try your luck at removing the stock sensor with the o2 housing in the car. I was able to break it loose with the o2 housing still bolted in the car.

Step 11. DO NOT put the lc1s o2 sensor in the exhaust or connect it to the lc1 controller. Connect your battery and make sure the lc1 gauge works. You must leave your key on for 10 seconds without the sensor attached to the lc1 controller. Turn the key off after 10 seconds and attach the sensor to the controller DO NOT PUT THE SENSOR IN THE EXHAUST YET. This is to free air calibrate the sensor. Turn the key on and after the sensor is warmed up, your gauge will stop blinking and the led will be solid, when this happens press and hold the calibration button for 30 seconds. Your led will be off until you release the button. After your done calibrating, put the sensor in the o2 housing and set up your gauge to work with DSMlink. Start the car and make sure everything works.

2g ecu pinout:

95 Talon TSi AWD
6 bolt

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